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Transparency & Vision.

We are living in a time many people refer to as the Anthropocene. Humans have become the single most influential species on the planet, causing significant global warming and other changes to land, environment, water, organisms and the atmosphere. This is the time for us to slow down, listen deeply and take aligned action to help our planet shift towards healing.

It is our sacred decision to live slowly, in sync with nature.

We believe in living a slow-paced and ethical life where we buy less and value that which we own. What we spend money on speaks loudly about the kind of world we want to live in. By respecting and honouring nature through consuming less we can preserve life.
Every product we create has a prayer woven into the threads. In ancient spiritual cultures, prayers are also referred to as seeds. When a seed is planted and given proper nourishment and care, it can grow over time to become a wonderful thriving plant and provide nutrition for other life. We weave seeds into our clothes for the regeneration of the whole, for us all to reconnect with the natural flow of life on Earth.

The times of fast cheap profit and business models that harm are coming to an end.

"Fast fashion" is a term used to describe a highly profitable business model where high street retailers mass-produce inexpensive clothing at a rapid pace, with an average of 52 seasons per year. Retailers who follow this model are guilty of climate change pollution, the second largest polluter of clean water globally after agriculture, underpaid workers with poor working conditions and gender inequality, modern slavery and human trafficking.
We are a slow fashion company, meaning we produce small scale and we place quality over quantity. We don't use factories or make anything on a large scale. We personally know who makes our clothes, and each item is carefully handmade with love right from the fabric dye and pricing to the cutting and sewing.
We produce our garments one unit at a time. In the fast fashion industry clothing is produced very quickly using batch processing, resulting in workers earning less than a liveable salary and employers being able to sell garments for very low costs. We believe in a transparent, fair and equal fashion industry that honours the artisans who make the clothes. We are humans who adore the work we do, and are able to live from it in freedom and peace. 

We aim to make each piece an item that can be adored and worn over and over again. That is why we use the highest quality fabric, making sure that your clothing is a sustainable addition to your wardrobe.

Working together for the good of the whole earth.

Our approach to sustainable fashion is to work with artisans who create textiles traditionally, mostly in remote areas that have difficulty getting their products to market. This enables an income for small communities whilst simultaneously keeping their traditions alive.

These ancient methods are mostly created with natural fibres, plant dyes and local materials, therefore do not harm the Earth as chemical dyed and artificial fabrics do.
In ancient tribal cultures, clothing was created to carry stories and messages. Women sang prayers as the clothes were stitched to pass on these prayers. Everything we create is woven with the seeds of reverence for these traditional textile arts. Part of our mission is to revive these sacred art forms of textiles. We work with artisans that continue to use traditional methods, keeping these sacred forms of textiles alive.

How Woven Seeds Was Birthed.

My journey with traditional and ethical textiles started in 2010 when I lived in Malawi for a while. Out there I saw the dumps of second-hand clothes coming from the west, sold at high prices to market sellers. When we really believe we are donating to charity, our old clothes either end up in landfill or go to these vast African markets. I spoke to local tailors who told me they lost work due to all these western clothes coming in. The traditional fabric factories had closed down, and China was importing cheap fakes.

With a friend I decided to do something about it and created a small fashion brand producing clothing with tailors and providing them with fair trade work. We pulled second-hand fabrics out of the market and up-cycled them onto denim jackets. 

This little brand didn’t go very far, but it was the beginning of the journey. As I travelled around the world I started to witness more and more decline of traditional fabrics and tailors losing work over fast fashion sweeping through markets.

I was a traveller for 5 years - and wherever I went I asked local tailors to make designs I had created. Many skilled artisans taught me about their traditional fabrics. From block print to natural dyes, natural hemp, nettle knits, fabric woven on the looms, to plants woven into bags and shoes. 

My wardrobe is an accumulation of the places I’ve been and each piece I own has a story. A story of the human behind the clothing, our friendship, and the love we share for indigenous textiles.

I created Woven Seeds to bring you the stories of these people. The stories behind the clothes. So you too can own unique handmade items from natural materials. You too can support the tailors and fabric makers who have their trade dying off. You can choose to stop buying fast fashion and create a wardrobe full of change, growth and revolution. 

With Love,

Luca (Woven Seeds Founder)